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  About Cold Fusion 9 Hosting
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Create better Internet applications quickly and easily

    Coldfusion 9 HostingThis new ColdFusion 9 release boasts an impressive array of new and enhanced features, all intended to improve productivity for developers, IT administrators, and business decision makers alike

  • Office file interoperability to easily read, write and update spreadsheets

  • Server Manager to centrally manage multiple ColdFusion servers, simplifying administration of your environment across clusters

  • ColdFusion 9 as a Service to access ColdFusion services through AMF and SOAP without writing CFCs

  • Built in Adobe AIR Local/Remote Database Synchronization

  • Object Relational Mapping to build database independent applications without writing SQL

  • New AJAX controls including multimedia, mapping and more

  • Enhanced Caching to improve performance of your ColdFusion applications

Some new Key features in ColdFusion 9

ColdFusion 9 functionality exposed as services
The PHP, .NET, and Java developers can invoke ColdFusion built-in Web Services, pass in data, and get back results.

Executing code on server startup
ColdFusion 9 adds the ability to define code to be executed onServerStart

Working with spreadsheets in ColdFusion 9
The <CFSPREADSHEET> tag is used to read a sheet from a spreadsheet file (as a spreadsheet object, a query, a CSV string, or HTML), write sheets to XLS files, and add sheets to XLS files. The over 30 supporting functions like SpreadsheetSetCellValue(), SpreadsheetAddRow(), and SpreadsheetSetCellFormula() allow for more granular spreadsheet manipulation, and can be used in conjunction with supporting functions like SpreadsheetNew() to create a new spreadsheet object, and SpreadsheetInfo() which returns title, subject, sheet names, last saved date and time, and more.

Defining a default datasource
In ColdFusion 9 you can now specify an application wide default datasource by setting this.datasource in Application.cfc

ColdFusion 9  Object Relational Mapping (ColdFusion ORM) - a powerful Rapid Application Development (RAD) solution for building data-centric applications

Integration with other products and technologies such as Microsoft SharePoint and OpenOffice

Powerful search capabilities using Solr, an open-source enterprise search server based on the Lucene Java search library

In addition, Coldfusion 9 have introduced database enhancements and significant performance enhancements such as, granular control over caching, in-memory file capabilities, and improved clustering.

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